2020 Senior – Willem

2020 Senior – Willem

2020 Senior – Latasha

Latasha is a senior at Colonel Crawford High School. Latasha and her family have been my neighbors for the past 10 years, so it has been great to see how Latasha has grown over those years. Latasha is a simple girl who just wanted pictures… so, we just took pictures. 🙂 I believe we will […]

2020 Senior – Maddyson

Maddyson is a senior at Bucyrus High School. She is a cheerleader for the football team as well as the basketball team. Maddyson wanted to make sure she got a picture with her dogs and also with sunflowers. We ventured out to The Pickwick Place and was able to catch some good light! Good Luck […]

2020 Senior – Tod

Tod is a senior at Bucyrus High School. Tod enjoys playing many sports, but the one he loves the most is bowling! We are looking for Tod to go all the way to state this year and wish him the best of luck! More casual pictures are planned soon. [VIEW PHOTOS ONLINE] …

2020 Senior – Dalton

Dalton, my mexican food eating partner, is a senior at Bucyrus High School. Dalton is a quad drummer in the marching band and the pep band for basketball. He likes to have a good time with friends and definitely keeps the mood “lively”! Good Luck on your senior year! [VIEW PHOTOS ONLINE] …